How to become a Newborn Care Specialist While the welcome of a new addition into the family is the most wonderful and special time in a family’s life, it is also the most exhausting. Newborns are beautiful bundles of joy that also completely deplete a parent’s ability to get any sleep. Parenting is difficult enough …

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There are many routes to go down to find your perfect nanny, and like your nanny is a unique asset to your family that reflects your household’s needs, so too will be the journey to find them.

Only 54% of Americans are happy in their current position. That means 46% of us are out there, spending 40+ hours a week of our waking lives doing work we don’t want to do

There comes a point in every career when you wake up, drink your coffee, get ready for the day and think to yourself, “I just can’t do it.” Burnout is an issue in any profession, and is especially common in positions where large amounts of emotional labor is needed.

As a parent / employer, you’ve probably saved your receipts, collected your documents and spoken with your accountant, but have you declared your nanny as a lawful employee?

When you’re applying for jobs, do you feel like you’re sending your resume and covering letter out into the abyss, never to be seen or heard from again? Well we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you’re not getting hired, and how to empower yourself to change that.

It goes without saying that while you are living in your family’s home, you should continue to be a role model for the children even off the clock. Children learn from example, and they will be looking to you to teach them, even if it’s your day off. Remember to always clean up after yourself as you go along.

Knowing what another person wants and needs in order to feel safe, happy and secure is essential in creating a happy and healthy relationship. This study has been primarily focused on adult romantic relationships, but there is no reason that the love language cannot apply directly to children and their nannies as well.

Hiring a nanny can be a daunting, intimidating process, especially for new parents or parents who haven’t had extensive experience in the childcare industry. The interview process is a crucial time to weed out unworthy applicants, but how can one really know whether or not a candidate is right for the job?

When faced with the necessity of hiring a childcare provider, families often question whether it is a nanny they need, or a babysitter. Many families assume the positions are the same, and some underestimate the difference in job description and duties between the two.