Who We Are

Angeles Mannies believes in the right fit – our recruiters have worked as caregivers, house managers, personal assistants and more, thus understanding the scope of what’s needed in your home. To us, “the right fit” is defined by a cohesive, and respectful relationship between employer and caregiver. This, coupled with our candidate’s desire to simply be as helpful as they possibly can be, enables us to confidently send people into your home.

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We are a small, boutique placement service; we like it that way. We work much more one-on-one with families than any other agency to find the best care. We don’t have a magical source of nannies we’re reaching from that nobody else has access to, what we do that’s different is we build relationships and nurture growth – the people we invest in are seeking careers, not stepping stones to something else.
After meeting with Angeles Mannies, you’ll leave the legwork to us in finding the perfect caregiver for your family. We coordinate interviews, check references, and run extensive background checks on each candidate while keeping your unique requisites in mind. We’re confident we can find a long term addition to your home and family, and offer ongoing support for everyone, ensuring a hassle-free experience throughout.


We believe in the importance of strong, positive male role models and work relentlessly to find the most caring, experienced, educated and professional male caregivers.

We handpick mannies who look forward to the challenge of being a mentor, making a difference in a child’s life, and facilitating a safe environment for them to learn and grow.