Finding a caregiver through us is designed to make the search easier for you. Instead of advertising, interviewing, vetting, and calling candidates’ references all on your own, we do each of these things so you don’t have to.

First, we will connect to discuss any and everything that will help us find the absolute best care for your family, such as a caregiver’s education level, experience, salary, and any added perks or benefits your family will offer your future employee. We are here to guide and advise you as needed.

 We also want to know about you and your children – what you value, what your child-rearing approach is like, and what sorts of interests your children have.  From there, we will recruit specifically for your position and seek candidates who best align with you.

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After a caregiver has been entered into our agency’s roster, we introduce you only to candidates who are a viable match for your family and position. Not only is this matching a candidate’s experience, availability, and desires to yours,
it is also personality matching!

Once you have conducted interviews and found your perfect match, you are highly encouraged to host a paid trial (paid directly to the caregiver). During this time, you can get a feel for the caregiver’s style, and spend this time training them. Typical trials are 2-5 days in length. 

If you’d like to move forward on to hiring after a trial, we will then finalize the placement for you, conduct any final custom background checks you may want, guide you through creating a work agreement, and setting a start date. Once this is all finalized, we will send the final invoice, and the position is officially ready to begin!



An initial in-take interview with us. Please make time for this meeting, which usually takes between 30-60 minutes. Be as open and detailed as possible with us! We want to get to know your family values and desired traits in a caregiver, so that we can make a match that is the best fit for all parties.


A digitally signed contract that details our fees, background checks, payment methods, candidate trials, timelines, liabilities, and our replacement offers. This doesn't commit you to hiring a caregiver with us — it just lays out our understanding of the engagement. The contract must be signed by both partners, if applicable.


Initial Search Fee, paid in full before the process begins. This is non-refundable, but is applied to your final invoice should you move forward with hiring an employee through us. It covers our initial consultation meetings, advertising, and nanny interviews. Basically, everything before your official hire.


All employers must offer an employment package. In order to recruit qualified, professional candidates who are looking to commit to long-term positions, we require our clients to offer a few things: Paid time off for vacation and illness, as well as holidays; "Guaranteed Minimum Hours", a paid base salary of 52 weeks a year that an employee can rely on as income each week; a competitive salary. Lastly, we will provide a Work Agreement framework, and we highly recommend you offering this to your chosen employee so that all details of schedule, policies, and compensation are noted -- no confusion down the road that could compromise the success of your partnership!


An understanding of the process: "House Hunting Syndrome". Much like apartment hunting in the city, the best candidates get hired quickly! If you love the first people you interview but still want to see more candidates, in the end that first person may still be the best candidate, and unfortunately, they've accepted another position before you even had the chance to trial them and put an offer of employment out there! It's a tricky balance of rushing the process, and dragging your heels, and only you know what that balance is for you personally.


Ongoing communication. Did you like a candidate, or was it a miss? Do you have any questions, suggestions or concerns at all? Let us know! It will help us refine our search and candidate pool for you. Swift communication gets candidates to you quicker!


A credit card stored on file. We never charge without your knowledge, and is stored as a convenient way to process payments