Monday – Friday
Guaranteed hours

We have a unique opportunity for a youthful, ACTIVE, and energetic nanny to care for this family’s 6 year old son. They are looking for someone with plenty of experience dealing with a rambunctious young boy, and in return offering a package that’s as good as it gets! If you’re a natural at facilitating games and sports, and unafraid to get in on the fun, you will shine in this role! A nanny who can partake in highly athletic and physical games (karate, nerf battles etc) and can redirect from screen time with ease will be this family’s dream candidate.

Along with the fun stuff, this nanny should also be responsible and patient, with the ability to keep a firm hand when needed. Pushovers need not apply! Knowledge of and ability to prepare healthy meals is also required. Aside from light meal prep, the position will be one focused entirely on the child and his activities. That said, physical fitness (able to lift a 6 year old consistently), along with ability to be discreet when necessary, and to lead by example are highly valued.

Must be experienced working with children this age and with high profile families – a major plus if you know your way around town and are well established in Los Angeles. Only local, experienced applicants with CLEAN driver’s license and passport will be considered. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the upbringing of an amazing child during the week!

Caregiver must be aged 21+
Caregiver must be Fluent in English
Caregiver must be able to drive and have own vehicle
Caregiver must be a US Citizen or Legal Resident
Caregiver must have outstanding references
Caregiver must hold TrustLine Registration*
Caregiver must have a clean criminal record and motor vehicle record
Caregiver must hold a current CPR, First Aid/AED Certificate*
Caregiver must have professional child care experience, either private or in a camp / coaching role.

*or complete upon hire, paid by Angeles Mannies.

Caregiver must be willing to format resume to the template provided.

Please apply with your formatted resume, any letters of recommendation, references, and certifications. All applicable mannies will be contacted. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

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