Washington DC Manny

We were referred to an extremely high powered family in Washington DC who are looking for their next manny.

They have an 8 year old son and a 6 year old daughter.

They are looking for a manny to start working with their family as soon as possible as their manny is heading back home to the UK.

They would love a ‘big brother’ role model / mentor with the following criteria:

– A live in Tutor /  Manny (help the kids with daily homework and teach them Math and English)
– Soccer and swimming are a must!
– Someone who can play video games and ‘hang’ (think Pokemon, Harry Potter, soccer scores etc)
– Totally flexible with time, and likes to travel (European Yacht travel in August for a month, domestic travel in the winter etc)
– Smart, active, nurturing and fun to be around : )
– Be extremely respectful have impeccable manners (manny will be present with the children around Royals and Government)
– Extremely organized and able to work well with other staff members (security, house manager, chefs and housekeepers)

The manny will have their own private accommodation, the house is 90% female so the family really want someone who can level the energy of their home. Their current manny has been with them 2 years and would still be there if not for extenuating circumstances; everything is upset by the change but excited for the next step.

Security is with the family 24/7, no driving is required and travel will always be private.

The family are also in a position to obtain a working visa for whomever they choose, so lacking the legal right to work in the USA is not necessarily a deal breaker.

Candidates with a Masters in Education or Law / a professional degree are highly encouraged to apply; as are teachers. You will also be subjected to the highest level security checks that exist so if you have anything you’re trying to hide, it’s probably best you don’t apply.

This is a truly life-changing opportunity for somebody who views and carries themselves as a professional.

The family are offering full benefits, full accommodation, food, utilities, everything would be taken care of, all monetary compensation would ‘banked’ as you would have zero living expenses.

Start Date
Mid June 2019

  1. Caregiver must be aged 21+
  2. Caregiver must be Fluent in English
  3. Caregiver must be able to drive
  4. Caregiver preferably must be legally authorized to work in the USA
  5. Caregiver must have outstanding references
  6. Caregiver must have a clean criminal record and motor vehicle record
  7. Caregiver must hold a current CPR, First Aid/AED Certificate*
  8. Caregiver MUST have professional child care experience in a role similar to this

*or complete upon hire

Caregiver must be willing to format resume to the template provided.

Please apply with your formatted resume, any letters of recommendation, references, and certifications. All applicable nannies will be contacted. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon!Register here or if already registered, email jobs@angelesmannies.com