Family in South Pasadena need to professional, experienced, reliable, flexible permanent Manny / Family Assistant. They have 11-year-old twins, boy and girl. Their pay offered is $25 per hour gross. They currently do not offer health benefits. Their boy suffers from mild ADHD, caregivers with some knowledge of ADHD are strongly preferred.

There are 2 options to this position:

OPTION 1 – Part-Time Manny / Family Assistant. Typical hours are approximately 3-8pm Mon – Fri. Family offers a guarantee of 20 hours if they go out of town and if they do not need you to travel with them. They would also like you to be available to travel with them IF needed and be available on school holidays and days off.

The typical weekday duties will consist of after school pick-ups and shuttling to various after school activities (sports practices – very active children) or doctors’ appointments etc. Bring the children home and prepare dinner, ensure homework is complete, play and at times ensure bath and bed routine is underway.You would also be 100% responsible for their scheduling.You will be required to use your own car and be reimbursed accordingly, so an impeccable driving record is a must, along with a reliable vehicle.
Dad is a music artist so you may on times be required to travel with the family for short periods of time depending on their needs, so a passport is necessary.
Light personal assisting duties may be required such as grocery shopping and checking house is adequately stocked with cleaning supplies and toiletries.

OPTION 2 – Full-Time Manny / Family Assistant / House Manager / PA. Typical hours are approximately 11-7pm Mon-Fri. Family offers a guarantee of hours if they go out of town and if they do not need you to travel with them.

In addition to the above responsibilities, you would take on more of a House Management/ PA role, be responsible for all schedules, organizing, errands and scheduling maintenance for the home and grounds. You would also need to have experience in pet care, arranging grooming and vet visits. Personal Assisting duties include but not limited to most home related tasks- grocery shopping, meal planning, car washes and maintenance checks, school pick-ups, sending receipts to accountants, maintaining house binder, archiving children’s art, sorting clothes for donation etc. They have a housekeeper so laundry, excessive cleaning etc is not necessary.

The ideal Family Assistant would be able to think on their feet, act autonomously but keep in close contact with parents and assistants, be a fun-loving, easy-going, flexible team player but also keep the kids in check when needed. Nanny may need to stay late some weekdays depending on parent’s schedule but mom and dad try to be home as often as they can, being able to work on days that kids have off school is also a major plus. High profile experience is essential to this position. Understanding how to act around high profile, the level of discretion needed, and the professionalism to this role is of the upmost importance.

Special requests from the children, someone cool, someone that can play basketball and swim with them!

Please make sure you tick all the criteria below before applying:

Caregiver must have experience with 10-14 year olds, boys and girls.
Caregiver must be fluent in scheduling and communicating with parents and assistants
Caregiver must be aged 21+
Caregiver must be Fluent in English
Caregiver must be able to make at least a 1-year commitment to the family
Caregiver must be able to drive and have a car
Caregiver must be a US Citizen or Legal Resident
Caregiver must have outstanding references
Caregiver must be willing to complete TrustLine Registration upon hire (incurred fee paid by us)
Caregiver must have a clean criminal record and motor vehicle record
Caregiver must hold a current CPR, First Aid/AED Certificate (or complete upon hire)
Caregiver must have professional child care experience (including 3 years of professional nanny experience)

Please apply with your resume, any letters of recommendation, references, and certifications. All applicable nannies will be contacted. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon!
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