This week we decided to bring in a guest blogger to talk about HER take on male nannies and what she feels they can bring to the household. Enter Kathy Copcutt AKA @belairmommie! Mommy blogger and influencer, single mom to her 2 year old son and perfectly placed to weigh in on the topic of males in childcare; thank you Kathy!


Mannies vs Nannies

Mannies vs Nannies, it’s really not a war or who’s better at watching our little ones. It’s about who can do the job, experience, glowing referrals and a clear background check.

Give me a female!

When hiring a nanny the first qualification we look for unconsciously is someone with maternal instincts, a woman. We’ve been raised in a society that profiles male nannies as wimps. Let’s step into 2016 and progress like our technology, medical breakthroughs and expand our minds a little more.

It’s weird…!

Whenever I think of Mannies, the Friends episode comes to mind. Ross and Rachel are interviewing Sandy, a male nanny and he’s (practically) perfect in every way. Ross on the other hand is having a rough time swallowing the concept and proceeds to ask ridiculous questions and let’s Rachel know how weird it is to have a male nanny! The episode will bring you to stitches, it brings to light people’s impressions, or should I say, misrepresentation, of male nannies.

They can do it all.

When you come across a Manny with experience, education, understands the importance of social work, is coaching a sport, or who has a college degree, you’ve struck gold. Remember the majority of Mannies are coaches, teachers getting started, it’s difficult to get hired when you’re fresh out of college.  Mannies are happy to run outside and toss a ball around, go for a swim, race cars, rough house, experiment with science projects, all the things young boys like to do. Not only this, they also have the ability to cook, clean, play dress-up, tidy house. Don’t expect it to only be ‘guy things’ they’re capable of.

Follow your Instincts

Parents, when you’re looking for a manny or nanny you need to follow your instincts. Hire the person who is the best fit for your family, the role model you’d like your child to interact with daily, look for the positive in the person, not gender. My one solid advice, go through a reputable agency to hire your newest family member, having peace of mind is priceless.”