Child playing in homemade airplane with manny


nanny internationalI was recently asked by the International Nanny Association (INA) what changes I would you like to see in the nanny industry and how could INA help make those changes and I wanted to share my answer here:

“Adding a male nanny into a home offers its own very unique set of benefits; parents who are willing to hire a man to do what has traditionally been recognized as a “woman’s” occupation, teaches children at a young age the importance of equality and forward thinking. With the support of the INA and their community, I plan to spend my energy bettering and strengthening myself and my fellow male caregivers. I want me and my fellow mannies to show how paramount this role can be, particularly in scenarios where a male presence maybe lacking or non-existent.

A positive male role-model

With its widespread and ever growing network, I know that the INA can assist my agency, and other agencies by promoting the idea of the Male Nanny. With such a small number of male caregivers in the workforce, the male nanny position needs to be made a more appealing career choice – advertising the benefits of a domestic occupation, dispelling stereotypes around male nannies, and creating more awareness and acceptance of the male nanny would help to nurture a more qualified and sizable male workforce.

Gender tags

Ultimately, it is my intention for the term ‘nanny’ to lose its gender tag. Much like the word ‘nurse’ has lost its gender over recent years, now the title of a highly respected, and once female dominated position, holds little to zero preconceived gender. This is great for the medical profession – especially the males! It opens up a whole new set of opportunities.

Every journey begins with a step and I am fully committed to demonstrating the benefits of a male role model.   To do so I’ve started a Los Angeles based male nanny placement service, Angeles Mannies.

Working closely with the INA and other organizations, I will be leading by example, becoming more qualified and more equipped to handling any situation, from basic defense and protection courses to credential exams, and I’ll be encouraging my team of mannies to do the same. The world will see what Angeles Mannie’s are capable of providing the home!

Angeles Mannies provides professional caring childcare to busy families in Los Angeles, check us out and please offer your support!