National Nanny Recognition Week GIVEAWAY!


Welcome and thank you for being a wonderful Nanny, and an all-round great person!

National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW) was created back in 1998 as a way for families to shower their nannies with gifts and praise them constantly for a whole week. No? Well, we can all dream.

Created by a few industry leaders, it’s a way to recognize the hard work that is carried out by us service professionals, shaping and changing lives and ...

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Build a Bilingual Baby!

teach your children to speak another language

Bilingual Baby! 

Here are some pointers, facts & tips for the family raising a child to learn a foreign language, and how the nanny can help create a bilingual baby!

I work with lots of different families and their children, and am constantly fascinated by the ever-changing needs that is dictated by a child’s age. If it’s not sleep training ...

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Angeles Mannies is open


Angeles Mannies is open!

It seems these days that everyone is starting a blog.  At the risk of sounding redundant, I’d like to tell you my reason for jumping on board.

I recently turned 31.  Year 30 was filled with turbulence both personally and professionally. Now that the dust has settled (sort of) I want to share my ...

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