Best Apps for Nannies

When you think of your many daily nanny to-do’s, the household phrase “there’s an app for that” probably doesn’t come to mind. And yet we’ve found 8! Childcare is an ancient profession, scheduling playdates, meal prep, and communicating with parents have all been practiced for centuries without technology. However, app developers have found ways to streamline all of the things nannies do every day, so you can focus more on the things you love best about your job, like creating amazing sensory trays and teaching your charges the alphabet. Here are our favorite best apps for nannies lives easier.

Baby Connect

Baby Connect is an amazing app designed to assist specifically the parents and nannies of infants. Baby Connect is like a mood ring for baby apps, you can track and log meal times, diaper changes, feedings, sleep, naps, scheduling like appointments, and literally the baby’s mood. This way, parents and nannies can better understand and communicate about the baby’s overall health, ensuring that nothing is slipping through the cracks in terms of the baby’s care.

Daily Nanny

The Daily Nanny is every nanny’s e-personal assistant. Similar to Baby Connect, families and nannies can log all things child care to ensure consistent communication when it comes to the children. In addition, there is an in-app messaging system, the ability to share and upload photos, and a tracker for the nanny’s hours worked and ability to keep track of payment.

“Being a childcare provider is one of the most rewarding jobs, but is not without its challenges. These apps take some of the stress off of daily administrative tasks so that nannies can focus more on what is important: childcare.”


For nannies and family assistants who also do grocery shopping for the household, Instacart is an amazingly efficient way to grocery shop. Time spent driving, loading up the cart and soothing meltdowns in the candy aisle is better allocated to the child’s development. Instacart allows you to create a grocery list from the store of your choice and delivers to your desired location in less than an hour. It also has in-app coupons making it an ideal app for nannies.


Flushd is the Uber for public restrooms. Out on a walk with your kids and are suddenly faced with a dirty diaper? Running errands with a toddler in the throws of potty training? Flushd will direct you to the nearest public bathroom, and even tell you which ones have changing tables. An indispensable resource for nannies.

First Aid: American Red Cross

The trustworthy organization has an app to assist nannies in minor healthcare practices, providing excellent accompaniment to all First Aid training. From small cuts, burns and bruises to allergic reactions, the American Red Cross app can assist nannies and caregivers in providing the best care to children in a pinch.


SmartICE, ICE being the acronym for “in case of emergency,” is an excellent app to ensure that all caregivers are prepared and have what they need to handle an emergency situation calmly and efficiently. The app contains medical profiles on each family member and can help first responders understand each person’s medical needs such as medications taken, allergies, and medical history to ensure that everyone gets the best care and quickly. 


DOL-Timesheet was designed by the U.S. Department of Labor to track hours and timesheets easily. For nannies who work part time, for multiple families or for busy families with many employees, it’s a great way to track exactly how much is earned and has a section to log each work day, which can help with unemployment should the need ever arise.


For nannies who spend much of their time transporting their kids to and from school, piano lessons, soccer practice, doctors appointments and playdates, Triplog is a great resource for tracking reimbursements for mileage

Being a childcare provider is one of the most rewarding jobs, but is not without its challenges. These apps take some of the stress off of daily administrative tasks so that nannies can focus more on what is important: childcare. 


What are your best apps for nannies and childcare? Let us know below!

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